Prep4SAT gives students an accessible and engaging way to study for the SAT at a fraction of the cost of traditional courses, prep books or private tutors. The mobile app is a comprehensive SAT prep course that tailors test prep to each student’s needs thanks to learning technology developed at MIT.

SAT prep that fits students’ schedules

Prep4SAT breaks down each section of the SAT into bite-sized lessons and practice questions that students can study at their own pace and that make test prep easier to fit into busy schedules. The app’s detailed analytics tracks progress so that students can see their improvement and stay motivated.

Our apps have already helped over 100,000 students advance their education

Over 140,000 hopeful MBA students have used Prep4GMAT, our first app, to prepare for the GMAT, and made it the top-rated GMAT app in the U.S., India and China. Read what our users have been saying about why our mobile study platform is the best:

Personalized test prep not possible through books

Adaptive learning adjusts instruction based on each student’s current knowledge and ability, and it has shown enormous potential to help students learn more efficiently. Prep4SAT applies the science to SAT prep. The algorithms employed in the app select the difficulty level of questions to help students build mastery while guiding their study path so that time is spent learning what they need to know, not what they already know.
"Awesome! I just love this app. helps a lot in SAT prep. The content is great and the analytics is a life saver, it let's you focus on where you need most help with. "

Parent and Tutor Dashboards

Students using Prep4SAT have the option to share their study progress with their parents, tutors or counselors through an intuitive dashboard. Those invested in the student’s success can see the student’s course progress and performance analysis, including the student’s current strengthens and weaknesses, keeping parents, tutors and advisors in touch with their progress.